Month: April 2014

April 25, 2014 /

Following on from the disastrous year for Roman Imperialism that was 69 CE, the Partial Historians reach the last of the four emperors. There are no prizes for guessing who takes home the prize of ruling for longer than a few months. You’re totally right, it’s Vespasian! So let’s dive in 🙂 In this episode, your Doctors consider Vespasian’s background and the character of his rule. Vespasian: a new dynasty has begun! This marks a…

April 10, 2014 /

The year 69 CE continues apace, and the Partial Historians peer through the mists of time to focus on the shifts in power and machinations postulated in the source material. Herein the short reigns of Otho and Vitellius. The rocky path to Vespasian continues. What does the year 69 CE tell us about how Rome is evolving as an imperial system? Find out here! The Year of the Four Emperors