Month: July 2015

July 27, 2015 /

The early Roman republic hits its first major snag. As Rome finds itself friendless after continual aggression throughout Italy, the citizens begin to consider how they can guide the city with decisiveness and clarity. Enter, stage left: the dictator. Join Doctors R and G as they explore the creation of the Roman dictator and some of the surprising details surrounding the formation of a position that seems to have quite a good deal in common…

July 7, 2015 /

Well, dear listeners, Publicola has died and Rome has mourned … but wait, is that the Latins seeking an opportunity to kick Rome while she’s down? Quite, quite possibly. In this episode Doctors R and G explore the increasing tension between Rome and her Latin neighbours. Hear all the details in our latest episode, click to listen or download! Latin Machinations   The featured map in all its glory: