We’re two historians on a mission to spread the word about Ancient Rome. We discuss, spar, and laugh our way through different aspects of the Roman world.  We’d love for you to join us on this journey of exploration!


Dr Fiona Radford is an expert on Rome on film and wrote her thesis on Kubrick’s Spartacus. Dr Radford’s research interest in film makes her an exponent of not only Ancient History, but also Reception Studies. Dr Radford’s work has taken her across the globe and into rarely viewed archives.

Dr Peta Greenfield is an expert on the Vestal Virgins, a collective of six priestesses whose aedes (temple) was located at the edge of the Roman forum. Dr Greenfield’s research interests include: the intersection between religion and politics in Rome, the Late Republic (c. 150 BC – 31 BC) and Augustan Period (c. 31 BC – AD 14), and the role of women.


That’s Dr Radford on the left and Dr Greenfield on the right. Together they are the Partial Historians.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Henry MacAdam said:

    I’m hoping to make direct e-mail contact with Dr. Radford about her dissertation. I left a message via academia.edu but so far no reply. This is my first visit to this website so I am learning my way around it.

    Many thanks,

    Henry MacAdam
    Visiting Professor
    Liberal Arts/Humanities
    DeVry University (USA)

  2. Nick Ferrara said:

    is it possible to download the first 12 podcast episodes? If so, how? Thanks.

  3. Nick Ferrara said:

    Lovely Ladies (well, really, Doctors)

    Love the show. Fresh, bright and cheerful – quite a striking contrast with Ray and Cam’s Life of Caesar / Augustus, Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome, etc. etc. Not to mention the Totalus Rankium.

    And so Australian! I love History and always have. I became an Architect but deep down i should have done the the “Arch” – Archaeology as I would have loved the research and learning.

    I am up to the end of Nero and looking forward to the rest of the series.

    if you ladies ever give public lectures, I, for one, would love to come along and listen.


    Nick Ferrara

    • Why thank you kind sir! This really means a lot to us. We hope that you continue to enjoy our approach in the next episodes. Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any special episode topic requests!

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