We have partnered with Spreadshirt to bring you, our dear listeners, high quality merchandise  – including eco-friendly choices.

You can find a range of T-shirts, hoodies, totes, and caps to show off your partiality for a sneaky dose of ancient Roman history.

Why Spreadshirt?

We love their commitment to environmental sustainability – this is the greatest challenge we face as humanity and their commitment to a sustainable future is one we are totally behind.

Sustainability is close to our heart. We produce environmentally-friendly T-shirts in order to reduce waste and we recycle whenever possible. An important step here was the introduction of our own collection. This makes us proud and gives us the opportunity to exert an influence on the origin and production of the T-shirts we are printing on.

Thank you for your partiality! It means a lot to us.

You can shop HERE or use the link below.

Dr G (left) and Dr Rad (right) sporting eco-friendly shirts from Spreadshirt with just a hint of partiality.

We understand the economic squeeze and the challenges that can bring. There’s a limited range of merchandise available through Red Bubble as well.

If you are after a plain black logo T-shirt, tote bag or notebook and you live in Australia, you may find the shipping on Red Bubble more affordable. You can buy a limited range of merchandise for our show HERE or use the link below: