We know you love Roman history and that can mean a craving for history beyond Rome as well. Here’s some of the fantastic podcasts we love.

The Wonders of the World

Caroline Vahrenkamp has a mission: to explore the history of all the wonders of the world as a window into better understanding the enduring human spirit that we all share. Vahrenkamp combines history, a pure sense of wonder about the capacity of people, and delicious recipes that connect you with the places of these monuments. We’ve had the great fortune to collaborate with Vahrenkamp talking about the wonders of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the Colosseum and we can assure you that you’ll find this podcast simply wonderful!

The Exploress Podcast

The Exploress is hosted by Kate, who intrepidly uncovers the history of women wherever they can be found! Amazing women from the ancient world to the modern day are all part of this podcast. By taking an immersive approach to women’s experiences, Kate brings the lives of women to life! We’ve been very lucky to discuss women in ancient Rome with Kate as part of her Augusta series, the When In Rome series, the Domina series, and all things Cleopatra 🙂


Bry and Fry host this papal history podcast which seeks to rank the Popes from Peter to Francis! It’s both light-hearted and brimming with exciting details. Come for your pontifical curiosity and stay for the engaging presentation.

Totalus Rankium

Rob and Jamie tackle the challenge of history old and new. Rob researches the subject while Jamie patiently waits to learn something incredible! Whether it is the subject of Roman emperors or the American presidents, these two bring history to life. We’ve been very fortunate to discuss a number of Roman emperors with Rob and Jamie including our favourites: Augustus and Tiberius 🙂

Ancient History Fan Girl

Hosted by Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy, this best friend duo explore the ancient world with curiosity, a sense of joy, and are a pleasure to listen to. As fans of history, they bring the ancient world to life in a very relatable way. A great place for coming to grips with the Greco-Roman world! We’ve has the immense pleasure of chatting about the ancient world with Jenny and Genn and highly recommend their work.

Hollywood and Crime

Hollywood and Crime is hosted by Tracy Pattin and Stephen Lang. We love tales of crime and Dr Radness in particular is fascinated by tales of 1940s Hollywood history and true crime. Check out the most famous case – The Black Dahlia to see if this is your cup of tea.

Itinera Podcast

This is an interview podcast hosted by Scott Lepisto. Lepisto interviews classicists “to discover how they became interested in the Greco-Roman world, who influenced them, and how their careers evolved.” Some standout guests from the first season include: Amy Richlin, a groundbreaking feminist classicist; Ichiro Taida, on the place of the classics in Japan and Taiwan; and Hannah Čulík-Baird, Cicerone scholar and huge advocate for classics outreach online.

Let’s Talk about Myths, Baby!

Myths, Baby is hosted by Liv who holds a degree in English Literature and Classical Civilizations from Concordia University in Montreal. This podcast is all about Greek and Roman mythology. Come for the myths, stay for the feminism! Liv loves gods, goddesses, heroes, monsters, and everything in between.

The Other Half Podcast

Hosted by James Boulton, The Other Half podcast explores women throughout history. This project is ambitious in scope, with plans to tackle everything from Pharaohs to today’s revolutionaries. We recommend you dive straight into the episodes on Roman women to see what you think! You might even find Boulton’s previous podcast on the Queens of England there as you do.

Undressed Historia

Hosted by Margot Collins, this podcast is a treasure of detail examining women in history. So far covered are Cleopatra VII, Joan of Arc, Ching Shih, and the harlots of the 18th century London. We’re looking forward to hearing more soon as our appetite for this podcast grows with each episode!

The Rex Factor

The Rex Factor is one of our personal inspirations. Their conversational style and their love of history served as a model for us when we were just starting out. As we grew, we developed The Partial Pick which is our take on the rating the Romans. The Rex Factor continues to inspire us with their shift into animation! Check out their animated episode on Richard III and see what you think.

History Extra

Need a fix of history and need it fast? The BBC staple History Extra comes out twice a week and covers every topic about history that you can imagine. From the ancient past to the Second World War and beyond! With a rotation of presenters you will always find something here to pique your interest.

The History Chicks

The History Chicks is a podcast about famous women in history. Co-hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, this conversational podcast explores the lives and times of famous “women, females, dames…chicks”. We love their work and are proud to support fellow women in podcasting digging into the depths of history. If you are partial to our conversational banter, then we think you will definitely enjoy their show: there are just so many fascinating women to choose from!

History by Hollywood

A podcast that combines two of Dr Radness’ favourite things???? This is a match made in heaven! This podcast covers films old and new including some Roman classics: Gladiator and Spartacus. You’ll find lots to enjoy here. Dr G has a penchant for war films and there’s The Dambusters and Zulu covered here as well.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Hosted by Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey, this is a true podcast staple if you are a history lover! Stuff you Missed in History Class covers a huge array of intriguing tales from history the world over, and always strikes a great blend of the scripted and spontaneous. Women conversing about history, what’s not to love!

My Favourite Murder

Do you enjoy murder podcasts? This true crime comedy podcast is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. They examine historical cases and have a loyal fan-base of murderinos. We laugh, we scream, we enjoy! They have faced some criticism for their approach to the subject, so it is worthwhile giving them a listen to see what you think.

The Dollop

Hosted by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, the Dollop is part history, part discussion, and entirely hilarious. Together they examine American history. The premise: Dave reads a story about American history that Gareth has never heard before. As the listener, you can be along for the ride as either figure!