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We love ancient Rome and have dedicated much of our lives to studying the subject. It was a great honour to be awarded our PhDs and we love bringing you our expertise as academics in study of the ancient past to the podcast.

Our podcast is designed to be free and accessible and it’s our mission to ensure it stays that way. That being said, there’s a lot of work that goes into bringing this work to life (not as troublesome of Dr Frankenstein thankfully 🤣). From recording, editing, producing, to social media – our in house team of two covers it all!

If you’d like to support the show, there’s a couple of ways to show your appreciation.

We have a Ko-Fi account where you can shout us a coffee. We love coffee (or herbal tea!) there’s no doubt about that.

We also have a Patreon account, where you can access some exclusive content beyond the our usual episodes including cross-over conversations with other podcasters, blog posts about topics that speak to us, and videos of us chatting about ancient Rome.

We love all our loyal listeners and we thank you for your support in anyway you can offer it whether it’s recommending us to your history-loving friends, writing a review over on Apple or Spotify (yes, we do see them and they’re a great way for people to learn more about our work!), or just reaching out via the socials to say thanks.

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Thanks again for listening in as we explore ancient Rome!

Support our work - Dr Rad and Dr G enjoying podcasting together

We enjoy podcasting together and thank you for listening in to the show! That’s Dr Rad on the right and Dr G on the left. Dr Rad is wearing our exclusive “I am so Spurius Furius right now!” hoodie!