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August 9, 2019 /
February 10, 2019 /

This is a short blog post designed to accompany the release of the recent History by Hollywood podcast episode that features Dr Rad, which you can listen to HERE. Before the Blacklist In the mid-1920s, a young man from Grand Junction moved to L.A. with his family. For nearly a decade, he struggled to contribute to the family coffers, working in a bakery and dabbling in low-level criminal activities. This decade made him particularly aware of…

January 23, 2019 /

We had the great pleasure to talk about podcasting the classics in San Diego in early January. It was the sesquicentennial meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (formerly known as the American Philological Association) and the conference is held jointly with the Archaeological Institute of America. The AIA/SCS conference is a large gathering of academics, postgraduates, and teachers, with not only talks but a range of special events. This year the key note speaker…

January 16, 2019 /

We are turning 90, which seems like a good time to take a break and go to the ballet. The Doctors are talking about Spartacus in tights this episode.  The ballet version of Spartacus’ life is especially interesting as the production emerged from the other side of the Cold War. Everybody Loves Spartacus – especially the Soviets! The history of the slave revolt was reconsidered a number of times during the turbulent early 20th century…

December 19, 2018 /

The gods have been smiling on us for the past year or two. As we have learnt more about the podcasting and popular history game, momentum has been building. One of the highlights has been our collaborations with TED-Ed. Dr G and I have been fortunate enough to contribute to a few projects on Roman History, such as the Vestals, the Emperor Augustus and the newly released Spartacus. Since beginning my postgraduate studies, classical reception…

December 18, 2018 /

We are very excited to share the NEW TED-Ed animation on Spartacus, that wily gladiator. Given their lengthy relationship, Dr Rad is especially thrilled to have played a small role in bringing Spartacus’ story to your screens in a new format. This video is based on a range of primary sources about Spartacus and the revolt that he led against Rome between 73-71 BCE. If you are intrigued by this slave revolt, perhaps you would…

December 13, 2018 /

That’s right, our merch has launched!  We have partnered with Spreadshirt to bring our logo to life – and there will be more to come. If you are partial to our podcast, wearing our shirts will help to spread the word. To celebrate, for 14 days only Spreadshirt will offer a 15% discount – so hurry! Get those Christmas orders in.

September 9, 2018 /

It’s been an exciting ride so far! This year is a big year for the Partial Historians. Part of the excitement is being in the eternal city to marry the best man I’ve ever known. It just so happens that I fell in love with a Roman. This is truly convenient for a Roman historian and I can highly recommend it. I’m travelling to Rome more frequently than I would ever be able to justify…

July 18, 2018 /

History Vs. Augustus Dr G’s collaboration with Alex Gendler and the fantastic team at TED-Ed, is out today! You can check out the the whole lesson and the video here: ‘History Vs. Augustus’. This project builds on primary source material relating to the career of Octavian and the developments over the course of his lifetime. He’s a pivotal figure in the transformation of Rome regardless of whether you consider him the first emperor or not.…

April 26, 2018 /

It’s been a big day for the Partial Historians and we want to share our news with you! While we’ve been available through iTunes for a long time, we’ve just branched out and you can now find us on Google Play Music and through Stitcher. Share the Love! Check out our back catalogue on the platform that suits you best. Leave a rating and see us reach for the imperial stars of podcasting like our…

March 27, 2018 /

The Colosseum is the most famous example of a Roman amphitheatre and also the largest! The connection between competition, sport, and power is all up for grabs in this special collaboration between the Wonders Podcast and Dr G from our very own Partial Historians. You can hear it all here. Enter Vespasian Stage Right Vespasian comes from a middling political family, who made his name as a commander of troops. So how does he become…

March 13, 2018 /

Dr Radness makes a guest star appearance in an episode of the Wonders of the World podcast hosted by Drew Vahrenkamp. Herein they discuss Pompeii and Herculaneum! In this special collaboration, Drew and Dr Radness explore just what happens when Mount Vesuvius erupts in 79 CE. You can listen to the whole episode here 🙂 The combination of the sultry tones of Drew and the razor sharp intelligence of Dr R is sure not only…

February 5, 2018 /

The Partial Historians have a brand new look! Very professional, I’m sure you’ll agree. We send our thanks to Chris Axmann for coming up with this logo which captures the spirit of our partiality. The Venus de Milo The Venus de Milo is a quintessential image of the ancient world. This piece captures the skill of ancient sculptors in a vision of Aphrodite or Amphitrite. Discovered on the island of Melos in 1820, this sculpture…

August 23, 2017 /

You always suspected your Arts Degree was valuable, didn’t you? Allow Dr G to put her finger on some of the reasons why  🙂 View at  

July 21, 2017 /

Over the last few months, Dr G has been working with TED-Ed to spread the word about Vestal Virgins. Herein are the fruits of that collaboration! I’m super excited to have been part of this project and bringing the world of ancient Rome to others is a real treat   🙂 This TED-Ed lesson explores one aspect of the Vestals’ lives: the possibility of live burial. You can check out all the details here:…

April 17, 2017 /
April 5, 2017 /

In the spirit of openness and from a desire to share what I have produced in terms of research, my (Dr Greenfield’s) dissertation is attached below. Handy to have if you want to know more about the Vestal Virgins! Super handy if your looking for more scholarly work on the late Republic and early principate (c. 150 BCE – 14 CE)! Greenfield, P. N. 2011. Virgin Territory – The Vestals and the Transition from Republic to…

September 15, 2016 /

Dear Listeners, For the last few weeks, I’ve been traipsing around Italy and getting re-acquainted with all the haunts that are pertinent to my fields of research. So far, the highlights have been: Seeing the frieze of the Vestal Virgins in Palermo. I was very fortunate to have an Italian guide who was able to liaise with the staff at the Museo Archeologico Antonio Salinas. I was granted special access to the frieze as the…

December 23, 2015 /

Thank you, dear listeners, for your willing ears! As a Christmas gift we offer you a glimpse at the human faces behind the podcast and discuss some pertinent elements of Ancient Rome to get you through the festive season 🙂 Listen out for us in the new year!    

December 22, 2014 /

Dear Listeners, it’s been an absolute treat to have you with us while we rummage about in the past and explore all manner of Roman history. Wishing you and yours all the very best for the festive season and the upcoming year! ‘What, no gift?’ we hear you ask. Of course we have a present for you! Yes, we’re real and sometimes (when the Fates are good) we can appear on film.  

December 6, 2014 /

Tweet tweet! At last dear listeners, those most Partial of Peoples, the Doctors themselves, have joined the Twitter universe! Follow us, tweet us and what not – @p_historians We’ll keep you updated on the news of ancient Rome: exciting archaeological finds, articles and analysis of the parallels between Rome and society today and our thoughts about Rome and the material remains left behind.  

April 14, 2013 /

To our beloved listeners: We have decided to postpone the episode on ancient Roman sex on film (although it will come, oh yes… it will come). Instead, tune in for our next podcast on sex for those who behaved (married ladies) and those who didn’t (prostitutes). Until then!

March 1, 2013 /

For those of you who are dying to know more about episode two, we plan to have it ready in a month.  Our next topic is going to be right up Dr Greenfield’s alley – the Vestal Virgins.  We have picked these women as they didn’t have sex… or did they?  Find out next episode!

March 1, 2013 /

Hello, oh those of very good taste!  We would just like to remind you that you are welcome to use the comments section of our page to leave ideas for future topics.  We want to satisfy your urges after all.  Tell us what you would like to know about Ancient Rome.