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July 14, 2017 /

Our narrative returns to the fray of Spurius Cassius’ political machinations while consul! Can he find a way to distribute Rome’s bounty three ways with the inclusion of the Latins and Hernicians? Find out as Drs R and G compare the narrative sources! Spurius Cassius and c. 486 BCE

June 5, 2017 /

A birth of a republic seems midwived by a lot of local conflict. In this episode, the Doctors return to explore Rome’s continued struggles with her most estimable neighbours, the Volscians, the Hernicans, and the Aequians. The intricacies really start to come to the surface in the consulship of Proculus Verginius and Spurius Cassius. Hear it all here! Proculus Verginius and Spurius Cassius   Artwork Credit: Francesco Salviati c. 1543-5. The Rout of the Volscii…

April 26, 2017 /

The Doctors are back! And celebrating reaching our seventieth episode no less! We dive right back into the narrative of Rome’s history from the founding of the City with an examination of the years just following the death of Coriolanus. Rome, perhaps unsurprisingly, doesn’t really know how to get along with her neighbours… The Volscians, The Aequians, and The Hernicans Artwork: A compilation of Drs R and G hanging about being excellent podcast co-hosts in…