Tag: Tarquinius Superbus

August 18, 2015 /

Dear Listeners, in this episode the Doctors wade deeper into the murky waters of the Late Republic. As the narratives of Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus continue to diverge, there is word of a truce between Rome and the Latins, yet another dictator, and the infamous battle of Lake Regillus with some surprising divine sightings. Join the Doctors for all the thrills, click below to listen or download! The Battle of Lake Regillus  

February 22, 2015 /

From the founding of the City (that would be Rome) to the downfall of the kings, Doctors R and G have reached a milestone in the history. In this episode, discover how Tarquinius Superbus attempts to hold on to power despite being exiled from Rome, how Brutus meets his end, as well as a heady discussion on topic of ‘well, what have we really learnt anyway so far?’ Click to listen or download: The Last…