Episode 8 – The Life of Tiberius … Part I

We are back, dear listeners, with a brand new episode! For your aural pleasure, we explore the life of Tiberius.

What was his early life like? What milestones mark his political career? And how does he journey to become the princeps of Rome?

His connection to the history of Rome’s transition from republic to principate is a significant one. As the son of Livia and Ti. Claudius Nero, he shares no blood connection with Augustus and his position in terms of the emerging dynastic vision of Augustus is not always clear.

In this episode, we trace Tiberius’ life from his birth in 42 BCE to the moment of his transition from citizen of Rome to the leading man of the state in 14 CE.

Tiberius’ Life

Roman emperor Tiberius and his mother Livia, 14-19 CE, from Paestum, National Archaeological Museum of Spain, Madrid. Image courtesy of Carole Raddato / Wikimedia Commons

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