Episode 15 – Nero and Agrippina

Well, the last episode ended on a cliff-hanger! So it seems fitting to continue on from right where we left off. Claudius is dead, and who should emerge as the new imperator … none other than Nero, the son of Agrippina. Herein we consider Nero and Agrippina.

While we explore the early years of Nero’s rule under the guidance of his mother Agrippina the Younger, we also consider the influential roles of Seneca and Burrus. And we’re in an amazing moment in early imperial history because we have access to some works of Seneca the Younger which allows us to gain a different angle on the principate of Nero. The role of Sextus Afranius Burrus, the praetorian prefect, adds another layer to the complexity of the political situation.

These early years are the golden times of Nero’s rule (and even these are marred with certain elements of tragedy).

Hear it all here:

Nero and Agrippina

Nero and Agrippina
Agrippina crowns her young son Nero with a laurel wreath. She carries a cornucopia, symbol of Fortune and Plenty. Nero wears the armour and cloak of a Roman commander, with a helmet on the ground at his feet. The scene refers to Nero’s accession as emperor in 54 CE. Image courtesy of Carole Raddato (wikimedia) and Following Hadrian (Flickr) / Wikimedia Commons
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