Episode 17 – Cybele

After all those emperors, it’s time for a little gender balance! The Partial Historians present Cybele, also known as the Magna Mater (the Great Goddess).

Who is Cybele?

The Great Goddess is an Eastern deity who was brought to Rome in the wake of the Punic Wars. She’s a fascinating divinity whose arrival provides insight into the Roman attitude towards foreign gods and their potential place in their society.

In this listener request episode, we delve into her background; we consider her divine areas of influence, and follow her progress from the East into Rome!

For the details, listen to the link below:


Magna Mater Great Goddess
Cybele with her traditional attributes (cornucopia, lion and crown in the shape of city walls). The face is an individualized portrait of Roman woman, probably of a high status. Roman marble, c. 50 CE. Currently held in the Getty Villa. Courtesy of Marshall Astor / Wikimedia Commons
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Drs R and G laugh and spar their way through the ancient Roman world!

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