Episode 19 – Spartacus 2010 Season 1

Welcome back, dear Listeners! In this episode, your intrepid Doctors of Ancient Roman History continue to explore Spartacus and modern incarnations of his story. In 2010 the Starz series Spartacus Blood and Sand hit our television screens.

Spartacus is played by the Welsh actor Andy Whitfield, who captures the spirit of the Thracian gladiator. This season functions as a origin story, as our primary sources for pick up the story at the moment of Spartacus leading the slave revolt in 73 CE.

With an eye for the historical sources, we consider how this series tackles the details of Spartacus’ life and the blurring of history and drama.

Catch all the details here:

Spartacus 2010 Season 1

Spartacus Blood and Sand
Promotional material for Spartacus Blood and Sand, Season One of the Starz Series. © Starz Entertainment, LLC 2009
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Drs R and G laugh and spar their way through the ancient Roman world!


  1. Tammy hutchinson
    August 17, 2019

    I found the first 3 seasons quite spectacular apart from all the blood, gore and sex and as it came across quite serious I had found it as much funny apart from my husband and I’m sure there,s others who mostly watch movies like this for all the blood, gore, ect I watch for the story line also. The funny things wernt obvious unless you are following the story line. And some of them had me laughing so hard and much I’d woken every one up. I was quite dissapointed in the change of Spartacus at first. When I’d mentioned it too my boys thay informed me he had died. The second actor played well but it is dissapointing when there changed half way through. And I quit injoyed watching the sex seans with Andy. All though there was nothing wrong with the other just I’d rather like too watch any indeed. All though if I could have my way why watch. But such are dreams and or imagination. I watched it all in 2 days and nights. On the 2 night ( morning) I had finley finished and went too sleep about 6:30am. I had first started watching 9:30am. I love these types of movies. I had studied things such as Greek gods and legion. Egyption gods and legions. And others. Really apart from sports that was the only thing I didn’t sleep through my classes on.

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