Episode 24 – The Year of the Four Emperors – Part the First

The Partial Historians are back with a shiny new episode! When the Julio-Claudian dynasty falls, what happens next? Prepare yourself for chaos, as the infamous Year of the Four Emperors is here and we turn our gaze on two of the early contenders for the rule of Rome: Galba and Otho.

69 CE was a turbulent whirlwind of politics, battles, and uncertainty. The first man to stake a claim to rule is Servius Sulpicius Galba (Caesar Augustus) and he is quickly followed by Marcus Salvius Otho (Caesar Augustus).

Let the doctors guide you through to the calm waters on the other side.

Herein are the short reigns of Galba and Otho:

The Year of the Four Emperors – Part the First

Galba and Otho
Bust of Roman emperor Galba. Antiques Museum in the Royal Palace, Stockholm. Courtesy of Wolfgang Sauber / Wikimedia Commons


Galba and Otho
Gold coin depiction Marcius Salvius Otho. Courtesy of Ángel M. Felicísimo / Wikimedia Commons
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