Episode 26 – Vespasian

Following on from the disastrous year for Roman Imperialism that was 69 CE, the Partial Historians reach the last of the four emperors. There are no prizes for guessing who takes home the prize of ruling for longer than a few months. You’re totally right, it’s Vespasian!

So let’s dive in 🙂 In this episode, your Doctors consider Vespasian’s background and the character of his rule.

Vespasian: a new dynasty has begun!

This marks a moment of important transition for Rome and their perspective on governance. The rule of the Julio-Claudian was predicated on the perceived necessity of a single ruler in the wake of the assassination of Julius Caesar. And they had maintained their power of governance through family lineage. If you could argue for a connection to the family, you had a claim to power.

The collapse of the Julio-Claudians after Nero’s death leaves the question of governing systems open for debate. We’ve seen how this played out terribly with the notorious year of the four emperors, but after the failure of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius to secure rule, one man emerges from the fray.

So step in with your ears and join the Drs R and G as they welcome you to the Flavian period!

Episode 26 – Vespasian
Mold of the portrait of Vespasian, Archaeological Museum of Rieti, Italy. The original is preserved in the NY Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen. Courtesy of Alessandro Antonelli / Wikimedia Commons
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