Episode 29 – Domitian

It’s time for Domitian to take the stage and show the Roman world just what he’s made of!

His reputation may precede him, but his reign may also be more complicated than first blush. He grew up in the shadow of his pragmatic father. His brother Titus ruled just long enough to gain all the prestige of a promising rule without much of the ambivalence that often comes with a long stint in power…

Let the doctors take you through the reign and tumultuous drama of the final Flavian emperor. Was he really as bad as the sources would have us believe? And why is there such a negative tradition against him in any case?

Find out with the Partial Historians:

Episode 29 – Domitian

Statue of Emperor Domitian depicted as Augustus, most likely recut from Nero. From the Vatican Museums, Rome. Courtesy of Jackknife Barlow / Wikimedia Commons

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Drs R and G laugh and spar their way through the ancient Roman world!

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