Episode 49 – Sabine Conflict in Even More Detail!

Hello hello, most excellent and patient listeners! The Doctors return with a brand new, particularly fine, episode delving further into the hostilities between Rome and the Sabine peoples in the early period of the Republic.

Following the action of c. 504 BCE, this episode covers the consulship of Publius Valerius Publicola (cos IV) and Titus Lucretius (cos II) as they battle for the city of Fidenae, the Sabine attack upon Rome, and the crucial differences between an ovation and a triumph.

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Episode 49 – Sabine Conflict in Even More Detail!



Charles Christian Nahl 1871 The Rape of the Sabines: The Invasion

Not historically aligned with the content of this episode, this painting refers to the violent beginnings of the Rome. The lack of matching artwork is a hint at the duration of Roman-Sabine conflict.

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