Episode 75 – Trouble in Rome, Trouble with the Volscii

The Doctors return with a brand new episode! We are tracing the history of Rome from the founding of the city! At this stage of the narrative, the plebeians and the patricians continue to tussle. And trouble in Rome wouldn’t be much without trouble with her neighbours. Tension is also rising between Rome and the Volscii.

Laying the scene with the Volscii

Quintus Fabius Vibulanus and Servius Cornelius Maluginensis are the consuls of c. 483 BCE. In the wake of Spurius Cassius’ demise, Rome’s attention turns inwards. The plebeians and the patrician conflict continues to escalate and the some of the consequences begin to play out with Rome’s foreign policy.

  • How do you get soldiers to enlist when everyone is hungry?
  • How do you maintain yourself in the field when morale is low?
  • How do you defeat your foes when your forces do not want to fight?
  • How does the voting system of the comitia centuriata work?

We tackle them all in this episode!

Trouble in Rome, Trouble with the Volscii

Episode 75: Trouble in Rome, Trouble with the Volscii

rome, plebeians, patricians, volscii
Ancient Latium. Courtesy of wikimedia commons
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