We’re feeling particularly source-y

As we mention, oh, only ALL THE TIME, there are not a huge range of sources for the earliest part of Roman history.ย  If you are enjoying our tales, but don’t think you want to dive straight into Livy or Dionysius (that would be quite a voyage), you may want to consider picking up a volume like this one from Wiley Blackwell.

I (Dr Radness here) recently acquired a copy and have been finding this a useful and easy to read source book for some of the more notable myths, episodes and personalities in this murky, yet fascinating period.ย  I most certainly have been reading the section on the fabulous Fabii in preparation for our next recording session.ย  I won’t tell you how it ends… yet.

Early Rome - Neel Jaclyn (Curatore) - John Wiley & Sons ...

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