Episode 91 – The Furious Romans

We’re back and as the title for this episode notes, you’re about to tune into the tale of some furious Romans! It is none other than Dr Rad and Dr G tracing the history of Rome from the founding of the city and ooooh boy are we heading back into that sweet Early Roman Republican narrative.

The Big Names

c. 465 BCE

  • Titus Quintius Capitolinus (cos. III)
  • Quintus Fabius Vibulanus (cos. II)

c. 464 BCE

  • Aulus Postumius Albus Regillensis
  • Spurius (Servius) Furius Medullinus Fusus

We often talk about Broughton and this is a reference to the two volume set The Magistrates of the Roman Republic which is the result of a collaboration between the scholars Broughton and Patterson.

Do the Roman Have Their Own Gods?

It’s a good question. A popular sentiment is that the Romans steal gods much like they take the territory of other people. This is not strictly true, but it is often challenging to identify indigenous deities with confidence and the tendency of Rome to adapt others’ divinities to their own purposes means that there’s potential of amalgamations of gods to take into account as well. As a prelude to the action, Dr G explores some of the details Dionysius of Halicarnassus examines for c. 466 BCE – relating to the dedication of a temple to Dius Fidius on the Quirinal Hill.

The Aequians

The Aequians have developed quite a bad reputation from a Roman perspective and we see this trend continue. Dr Rad considers the Aequians strength as a raiding force, and this leads to a consideration of their military clashes with Rome.

Things to listen out for:

  • some new military strategies
  • the differing fortunes of the consuls Fabius and Quintius
  • all the details of the census

Antium Returns to the Agenda

c. 464 BCE is a troubling year for Rome abroad. The tension with the Aequians continues, but now there is also trouble from the Volscians to consider as well. On top of that, Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus begin to reveal some substantial narrative differences.

These differences include:

  • the focus of the narrative,
  • the space given over to the political and diplomatic issues,
  • and the depiction of the military engagements.

How will Rome fare as the year progresses? Listen in to find out!

Episode 91 – The Furious Romans
Spurius Furius
Thomas Cole 1832 A View Near Tivoli (Morning) / Wikimedia Commons.

Although not a historical rendering of the period of Roman history covered in this episode. Cole’s painting evokes the landscape beyond the city of Rome to add extra depth to your imagining of the world the Romans inhabited.
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