*Special Episode* Tiberius with the Life of Caesar Podcast

We’re very excited to bring you a special episode where we sit down with Cam from The Life of Caesar podcast! We’re talking about Tiberius Caesar Divi Augusti filius Augustus or ‘Tibbo’ as he’s affectionately known.

As you know, Tiberius holds a special place in Dr Rad’s heart. The Life of the Caesars duo are in the midst of examining his life and career, so it seemed like a great chance to gather together and thrash out some of the details and perspectives on the man who follows in Augustus’ footsteps.

The Julio-Claudian emperors tend to garner lots of attention in our historical understanding of ancient Rome and for good reason. First, they break away from the republican traditions that had been at the centre of Roman thinking since the expulsion of the kings. And then Augustus’ politics sets the stage for Tiberius’ imperial turn.

In this broad, expansive, special episode we’ll consider some of the challenges Tiberius faces including:

  • the critical perspective of the historical tradition
  • the long shadow left by Augustus
  • aaaannnd those stories about what happened on Capri…

This is a great meeting of Australian podcasters and we’re only sorry that Ray was unable to join us so we could gain the American perspective as well!

*Special Episode* – Tiberius with the Life of Caesar Podcast
Tiberius Tibbo
Portrait of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
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