Crucifixion on the Dance Floor

For our 90th episode, Dr G and I decided to record a special episode on the Australian Ballet’s production of Spartacus. We were honoured when we were contacted and asked if we could produce an article for Classicum based on this podcast. The finished product has just been published, and so the Partial Historians has finally made it into print. We have talked about Spartacus in so many ways over the years, from film to TV to Ted-Ed animations, and covering the ballet added yet another dimension to the complicated and lengthy reception of this gladiator-rebel. We would particularly like to share the conclusion of the article here, but you can access the full text at at either Dr Rad or Dr G’s profile. (Thanks again to Classicum for allowing us to openly share the paper.)

On another note, it is hard not to mention when we reach new milestones how much of a privilege it is to work together on this venture. Working in a true partnership on a passion project has been a most rewarding experience. Thanks to the listeners and supporters out there! We may not tickle everyone’s fancy, but we are very grateful to have a space out there somewhere, together.

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