Take a Wild Ride with Agrippina the Younger!

We are extremely excited to announce a new venture for the podcast. We have teamed up with the talented illustrator Bridget Clarke to bring our listeners some amusing and educational materials.

The first piece that we have available traces the rise and fall of Agrippina the Younger. Agrippina was a direct descendant of Augustus, sister of the emperor Gaius (Caligula), wife of the emperor Claudius and mother to the emperor Nero. Whew! Safe to say, her life was action-packed. This has made her a popular topic in schools all over the world. In Australia, she is a topic for the final school examinations.

Caligula and his sisters

Caligula and his sisters including Agrippina as envisioned by Bridget Clarke!

Our comic would be a fabulous addition for anyone studying her in the classroom. It comes with activities for your students (and a cheat sheet for teachers). Not only that, this poster would be a lovely gift for a history-lover – just print it and frame it! You can purchase it for just $5.

This is the first of a few projects that we plan to work on for educators and history-lovers, so stay tuned!

If you like Bridget’s work and you would like to commission her directly, she can be contacted at bridgeteclarke2@gmail.com

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