The Two Sides of Agrippina the Younger

We are very excited to announce that we have TWO new products available in our Gumroad store. In collaboration with artist Bridget Clarke, we have created printable artwork and teacher resources all about our favourite gal, Agrippina the Younger.

In the classroom

This project started when we noticed that there are some marked differences in the representation of Agrippina the Younger between the ancient historical accounts and the archaeological sources. We wanted to be able to clearly demonstrate this to students and so we asked Bridget to create some illustrations that could be used in the classroom. We have designed a range of resources using her artwork so that EVERY student should be able to access and enjoy learning about the historiography connected with Agrippina the Younger.

In your home or office

Her artwork was so striking that we have also created versions that you can print out and frame – JUST because your LOVE Agrippina!

For all of you who purchase the artwork or the resources, we are very appreciative that you are supporting our work with Bridget. She is helping us to bring our visions to life!

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