Episode 48 – Sabine Conflict!

The journey through Rome’s early history is potted with conflict, and you’ll no doubt be little surprised to hear, dear listener, that the Romans continue to jostle with the Sabines for control in wider Italy (and even closer to the City).

Allow the Doctors to take you a winding scrawl of battles, conflicts, and rising personalities, focusing on the years c. 506-5 BCE. We discuss the challenges with the historical narratives of Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the possibility that Rome may have been taken by Porsenna, and the lingering spectre of the Tarquinii.

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Episode 48 – Sabine Conflict!


Jacques-Louis David 1799. L’intervention des Sabines

Since this painting refers to the first conflict recorded between the Sabines and the Romans, it is not strictly aligned with the chronology of the episode, but there are definitely Sabines and Romans at war, which nicely sums up what is happening in this period!


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