Episode 60 – Trumbo (2015)

The Partial Historians have hit the big 6-0! And what better way for the Doctors to celebrate with you than with an episode packed with all manner of interesting things. As you know, Dr R specialises in Rome on film. In this episode, let us take on a journey through the film Trumbo (2015), which is a bio-pic of the life of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

Trumbo broke the blacklist when he was given screen-credit for Spartacus (1960). Herein an examination of the politics of Hollywood post Second World War, the film Trumbo, and liberal sprinklings of Rome.

Trumbo 2015


Dalton and Cleo Trumbo (1947 HUAC hearings)
Dalton and Cleo Trumbo (1947 HUAC hearings)
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