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It’s been a big day for the Partial Historians and we want to share our news with you!

While we’ve been available through iTunes for a long time, we’ve just branched out and you can now find us on Google Play Music and through Stitcher.

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Our online following has really taken off over the last year. We’re so excited and grateful to have each and everyone of you beautiful listeners tuning in as we explore ancient Rome with respect, love, and a good dash of humour.

With numbers like these (1448!) we’re practically a legion –  depending on the context, probably most likely a third century CE legion at this point…!

Thank you for Listening!

As thanks, please enjoy a complimentary vision of the ancient world (see below). Alma-Tadema’s paintings are beautifully wrought and compelling in the way that the idealised is presented as the everyday.

This is a Rome that it would be a pleasure to travel back in time for, but as we both know, the City is a little more rough around the edges…

We’ll be in touch with more episodes soon and in the meantime we offer you our warmest gratitude – you make us strive to produce the best show we can.

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Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1890 ~ ‘Frigidarium’




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