Episode 119 – The Triumphant Return of the Consulship

Rome is still in the depths in 449 BCE, but there’s been an epic turn of events. Appius Claudius may be dead, but what happens next? We’re here to find out! Importantly, some of our key players in the plebeian set find themselves upgraded to the status of tribune of the plebs.

Episode 119 – The Triumphant Return of the Consulship

The end of Spurius Oppius

It’s not just Appius Claudius who finds himself in trouble after the end of the decemvirate. Spurius Oppius, another decemvir also finds himself in a spot of bother.

Publius Numatorius – tribune of the plebs, maternal uncle of Verginia, leds the cause against Spurius Oppius.

Livy has Oppius embroiled in a terrible affair involving a loyal solider of Rome while Dionysius of Halicarnassus has a much more speedy account of Spurius Oppius’ ultimate fate.

It may not be surprising to hear that the rest of the decemivirs realise they need to find their way out of Rome!

The Consulship Returns

The moderate patricians Lucius Valerius Potitus and Marcus Horatius Barbatus have managed to pass a range of laws that help support stability in the City. To catch up on the action of this front, check out Episode 118. But now that the major crises have passed, Rome begins to look outwards. It turns out that Rome’s neighbours have noted their preoccupation with internal politics. The time has come for Rome to take a stand.

Valerius takes a force against the Volscians and the Aequians. Horatius also takes out a force against the Sabines. We delve into the details of the strategies deployed by the Roman commanders. Both consuls and their forces make an excellent showing on the battlefield and return home with high expectations of a triumph or two.

What are the Tribunes up to?

As the year 449 BCE unfolds some of tribunes behaviour starts to garner suspicions. Is it just the case that groups of ten men now look a little shady to Romans in general? Or is there a new grab for power happening? The tribune Marcus Duilius may have some of the answers…

Things to listen out for

  • A soldier scourged
  • The quaestores parricidii
  • The amazing returning booty
  • Some very interesting fracas about triumphs
  • Tribunes acting suspiciously…
  • A new buddy system for tribunes

Our Players

The Decemvirs

  • Appius Claudius. Ap. f. M. n. Crassus Inregillensis Sabinus Pat – Cos. 471, 451
  • Spurius Oppius Cornicen
  • Quintus Fabius M. f. M. n. Vibulanus Pat – Cos. 467, 465, 459
  • Quintus Poetelius Libo Visolus
  • Manius Rabuleius
  • Marcus Cornelius – f. Ser. n. Maluginenesis Pat
  • Lucius Minucius P. f. M. n. Esquilinus Augurinus Pat – Cos. 458
  • Marcus? Sergius Esquilinus Pat
  • Titus Antonius Merenda
  • Caeso Duillius Longus?

The Senators

  • Lucius Valerius Potitus
  • Marcus Horatius Barbatus

The Verginii and Supporters

  • Verginia – a Roman maiden, murdered by her father in order to protect her from the lust of Appius Claudius
  • Verginius – father of Verginia and newly elected tribune of the plebs
  • Publius Numitorius – Verginia’s maternal uncle and newly elected tribune of the plebs
  • Lucius(?) Icilius – Verginia’s betrothedand newly elected tribune of the plebs

Tribunes of the Plebs, 449 BCE

  • Lucius Verginius
  • Lucius Icilius (who had served as a tribune previously)
  • Publius Numitorius
  • Gaius Sicinius – son of the man who was first tribune chosen on Sacred Mount (L?.Sicinius)
  • Marcus Duillius (who had served as a tribune previously)
  • Marcus Titinius
  • Marcus Pomponius
  • Gaius Apronius
  • Appius Villius
  • Gaius Oppius

Other Notables

  • Gaius Claudius – uncle of Appius Claudius


  • Dr G reads Dionysius of Halicarnassus Roman Antiquities 11.46-50
  • Dr Rad reads Livy ab Urbe Condita 3.58-64
449 BCE

Joseph Désiré Court 1864. The Martyrdom of Saint Agnes.
Not historically aligned with the year we’re examining but a very evocative imagining of Rome.

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