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This week we were delighted to sit down and chat to one of the most gracious hosts in all of podcast land, Tristan Hughes. Tristan is a historian and podcaster who hosts ‘The Ancients’ on the History Hit network. His show covers a fascinating array of topics. In the latest episode we told him all about the Roman kings and our new book Rex: The Seven Kings of Rome.

Dr Rad and Dr G are shown wearing crowns

In this episode, we provide a tantalising sample of the stories you will find in our popular treatment of this era. You can tune in to the episode (‘The Kings of Rome’) here. It is guaranteed to contain a mention of Romulus, a showdown involving triplets and women behaving badly.

If you like what you hear, become a regular subscriber to The Ancients. You will be treated to episodes on ancient history from all over the world. It is one of our favourite shows and we are sure that you will enjoy it too.

Note: Dr Rad accidentally called Servius Tullius’ daughter ‘Servia’ instead of Tullia in this episode. It was recorded after a long week 🙂

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