That Ancient Roman Rex Factor

Did any of the Roman kings have the Rex Factor? It’s an excellent question and we are thrilled that we had the honour to sit down with the fantastic Graham and Ali of the Rex Factor podcast to discuss the kings of ancient Rome.

You can find the interview over on their account – click here to hop on over for a listen! Or tune in via your preferred podcast platform.

We’ve admired the stellar work of the Rex Factor podcast for many years. And you may have noticed that our segment ‘The Partial Pick’ at the end of our narrative history episodes is something of a homage to the Rex Factor’s own rating system. In fact, amongst indie podcasters, there’s a whole genre known as ‘Rexy pods’! These Rexy pods take the rating idea developed by Rex Factor and bring it to historical subjects beyond monarchs!

A Rex-y rating system…

The Rex Factor weighs up monarchs based on the following categories:

  • Battleyness – how good they are in battle and warfare
  • Scandal – their notoriety and tendency towards naughtiness
  • Subjectivity – how well and justly they ruled (i.e. would you want to be a subject?)
  • Longevity – how long they ruled for
  • Dynasty – how many legitimate, surviving children they had

In this interview, the Roman kings get judged by this same standard – we’ll see who comes out on top!

It seemed only fitting!

It seemed only fitting to have a chat with the gentleman at Rex Factor given we’ve just published Rex: The Seven Kings of Rome. And so that’s what we’ve done! Tune in for some of the more unlikely tales that the Romans told about their early history under the kings.

If you’re looking to delve further into the Roman kings, then oooo do we have a book for you! You can find all the details about the book (and purchase a copy, if you’re so inclined) over at the Highlands Press Bookshop.

We also very much recommend reaching out to your local library to request they acquire a copy – this way the history of the kings can be yours (at the very reasonable press of free) and the wider community has the chance to learn more about this incredible period of Rome’s history too.

Promotional image for 'Rex: The Seven Kings of Rome'. The book cover is red with 'rex' in large cream letters. The tag line reads: "Before there was a Republic there was a Rex!""
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