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January 8, 2017 /

It’s a new year and a new breath of fresh on the Partial Historian breeze! Oh wait, what’s that? Could it be … Coriolanus? Indeed it is! The complexities of Coriolanus’ narrative continue to build and things are about to get a little bit hairy for our man of the moment. Join Drs R and G for the ride ahead: Coriolanus – Exiled! Artwork: Wilhelm Wandschneider’s 1903 sculpture of Coriolanus in Plau am See (Germany).…

December 18, 2016 /

The holiday season is nearly upon us, dear Listeners, and what better way to celebrate than to take a little trip to Italy. In this short and sweet episode, Dr Radness asks Dr G the big question of the year – how was *that* trip to Italy? Part tavelogue, part history, all Partial Historian 🙂 Dr G does Italy   Artwork: Dr G (left) and Dr R (right) getting into the spirit of the season!

August 26, 2016 /

The Doctors pursue the different elements coming to the fore in the 490s BCE by looking at a little more detail at the development of the position of aedile, and the significance of the fetiale priests in matters relating to war, peace, and oaths. And no episode looking at this period would be complete without more on the developing career of Coriolanus! Hear it all here: Aediles, Fetiales, and Coriolanus  

July 11, 2016 /

After a brief sojourn into Rome on film, the Doctors return to the narrative of Rome’s history from the founding of the city! In this episode, the Doctors examine the continuing Struggle of the Orders, some of the consequences of the strife between the Plebeians and Patricians, and *drum roll please* … we catch our first glimpse of the man who will become Coriolanus. Join us as we explore the depths of the Early Republic!…

March 22, 2016 /

Doctors R and G continue their exploration of the history of Rome from the founding of the city. From the epic Struggle of the Orders, the Tribune of the Plebs emerges! In this episode, it turns out the First Succession is only the start of Rome’s troubles. The ongoing struggle is manifest in the Tribune of the Plebs. Hear all the details here: Introducing the Tribune of the Plebs Artwork: The Succession of the Plebs…

February 29, 2016 /

Drs R and G return and the Struggle of the Orders continues. In this episode, the struggle heats up in earnest and we follow the growing antagonism between the patricians and the plebeians. Hear it all here! The Struggle of the Orders – Part the Second  

January 16, 2016 /

The Doctors sweep into the turn of the new fasti with a bold return to their narrative history of Rome from the founding of the city. In this episode, Drs R. and G. consider the events of 494/3 BCE and the contextual factors that culminated in the Conflict of the Orders between the patricians and the plebeians. This struggle is characterised by internal crisis and stands as an early example of class warfare. Click on the…